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Skyrim Atronach Forge

November 14, 2011

Hey everyone my website is a site hosted by my roomate and I that is bringing you all you need too know about Skyrim and the magic with in it.

So over the past day or two my room-mates and I have played a lot of Skyrim, and I mean a lot. We have discovered things that we have not been able to find anything about on Google or any where else online. The biggest of these discoveries is that of the Atronach Forge. The Atronach Forge is located in Midden under the College of Winterhold, and is a power device that is used to create relics from past the real of oblivion. At first glance the forge is nothing but a big circle on the ground surrounded by candles. But with a closer look one can see an offering box, an activation lever, and a slot for an ancient artifact. The artifact is not needed to use this forge and i do not know what the artifact is or what it does. What i do know is that my room-mate and I used this forge to make fire salts, frost salts, and voids salts. Not only that but we made a staff to conjure a a storm atronach and  a staff to summon a fire atronach.

To find this Forge go to the college of Winterhold and go into the trap door to get below the college. The trap door is located on the left sight of the ring around the courtyard of the college. From there basically just go straight down as far as you can into this place and you will see the forge.

To make these items you simply combine certain elements in the offering box and then activate the forge. Below i will list the items used to make these 5 things. Tomorrow I will post the new things that we find tonight and upload them for you all. Simply combine these in the offering box and activate the forge to get your item

Fire Salt – What you need

1 Ruby

1 soul gem, any level, filled or not


Frost Salt

1 Saphire

1 soul gem, any level, filled or not


Void Salt

1 amethyst

1 soul gem, any level, filled or not


Staff of Summon Storm Atronach


Orichalcum Ingot

Greater Soul Gem

Void Salts

Staff of Summon Flame  Atronach


Corundum Ingot

Greater Soul Gem

Fire Salt

These are some of the things we have discovered tonight and while I was writing this blog we actually discovered 2 more things that I will surely write about tomorrow.  If you have any comments, questions, or find recipes of your own post and comment and let me know!

Thanks everyone!


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  1. K Px permalink

    the artifact mentioned is the sigil stones from the old oblivion gates the only one i know of is the one from the conjuring quest you get when u reach 90 conjuration skill hope that helps you discover new items to make

    • Thanks!! I was trying to figure out what that was. I guess i had better start getting my conjuration skill up pronto lol. Thanks

  2. Miceweasel permalink

    Tomorrow was 3 days ago >.<

  3. blacksmith permalink

    it makes atronachs as well theres a manual on the table in the room before word of warning they will attack first thing on sight

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