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More Discoveries with the Atronach Forge Skyrim

November 15, 2011

So after countless hours of experimentation we have figure out a few 
more things that can be created using this atronach forge.The first 
of these is a Summon Frost Atronach Staff. This staff has a ton of 
uses for what it is, I think it gets somewhere around 15 uses.

Things you need to make this: Summon Frost Atronach Staff
1 Broom
1 Greater Soul Gem Filled
1 Refined Moonstone
1 Frost Salt
If you combine all of this in the alter you create the staff 
that will conjure a frost atronach for 60 seconds. This thing
is insanely powerful. Possibly the strongest of the 
atronachs, and by far the biggest.

Another spell we discovered is the 
Spell Tome: Conjure Frost Atronach.

This the same effect as the staff, it conjures a frost atronach 
for 60 seconds, but it is a spell instead.Much more covienent

Thing you need: Conjure Frost Atronach
1 Ruined Book
1 Frost Salt
1 Frost Mirriam
1 Ice Wolf Pelt

This is pretty fricken Epic, but it does take quite a bit of 
magic so you may not be able to cast it at a low level.

The last discovery is a Spell Tome: Soul Trap

This is a spell that will trap a soul in a soul gem if the 
target it killed within 30 seconds of casting it.

Things you need: Soul Trap
1 Ruined Book
1 Salt Pile
1 Torchbug Thorax
1 Soul Gem any size filled or empty

This is a very useful spell as you can find hundreds of 
soul gems in this game and you need souls in them to 
recharge enchanted items.

Hope all of these work for you and as always please let 
us know if you find anything else and we will add it to 
the website we are currently making!

Good Luck All and have fun!

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  1. Alexander Kludt permalink

    great man, haven’t found any other source for this valuable information yet. Maybe you should add that to the skyrim wikia

    • I am actually in the process of making my own site that will be similar to wiki in some ways. I am looking for as much information on the subject as possible if you have anything to add

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