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Atronach Forge Recent Discoveries

November 16, 2011

So throughout the course of trying to discover some of the more important creations from the atronach forge we have also discovered some things that have been not so important but interesting none the less. The most useful of these is the discovery of the summon atronach scrolls, which really make no sense because if you could have a scroll, a staff, or a spell I would never ever choose the scroll. But it is still kind of cool.


In order to make this scroll you need:

1 Paper Roll

1 Charcoal

1 Frost, Fire, or Void Salt


And that’s all there is too it. The scrolls are a great way to make money if you have the time to do this but aside from that i would not really spend the time to do it.


Last night however we had some exciting news as a source informed us that the item that you are missing from the altar is in-fact a sigil stone. This sigil stone is received when you reach level 90 in conjuration. At this point you will be offered a quest that if you accept will allow you to  keep a sigil stone. This stone unlocks the ability to create deadric weapons and armor using the atronach forge.


This is done by taking any ebony item you would like to turn into deadric.

For instance:

1 Ebony Bow

1 Deadra Heart

1 Black Soul Gem

1 Centurion Core

would turn into an Deadric Bow and


1 Ebony Helmet

1 Deadra Heart

1 Black Soul Gem

1 Centurion Core

would turn into a Deadric Helmet.



This works with any ebony item I believe and is extremely cool. A thing to note here is that you need centurion cores, which are easy to find in this game but several people have been asking if you should sell them or keep them. With this discovery I would say you are much better off keeping those so that you may create this Deadric Armor. Let me know if you have any questions about this and I would be more than happy to try to answer.


In the next few days my roomate and I are going to aim this blog towards the explanation of the Dragon Shouts, Spells in the Game, Alchemy Recipes, and A Mages Guild Walkthrough.


We are currently in the process of building our own sight that will host anything in the game of Skyrim that has to do with magic so now I am offering an opportunity too you all. If you guys have any information on any of the things that we have discussed previously in this blog, or if you provide us with information that we have not yet discovered we will not only contribute the discovery to you on the website, but we will place a link to either a youtube channel, or your blog, or website so that people can get to your site through us. This is a great opportunity and we will be designing all night tonight in an attempt to get this website up for you all as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Let me know if you have anything you want to add and thanks for reading everyone!


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  1. I still have no idea where to find frost salts. Can u help?

    • Ya the frost salts can be bought from the alchemy shop in windhelm. The other option is to find a sapphire or buy one and combine that in the offering box with a salt pile and activate the forge. This will make frost salt

  2. DaxFlowLyfe permalink

    That Relic. In the Room before the forge there is a note with an inspecters key.
    Take the Key to the Library and open a locked crate, it contains 4 rings.
    Put the rings on the fingers of the relic.

    • Ok i did all of that and figure out where the treasure was and everything. Do you want some credit for this on our site?

  3. Anyone find ways to make other items like staff of Revenant or other items besides Daedric and Atronach stuff?

  4. Chris permalink

    Can the ebony mail be turned into daedric mail this way?

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