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Skyrim Elder Scrolls V: Husbands and Wives

February 14, 2012

Hello everyone and welcome again to Skyrimmagic. Recently we have brought you guys more information about the Atronach Forge and have been updating our information on our Alchemy page to the most recent information we have found. Now I would like to talk to you all about a completely different topic. I would like to discuss the topic of a spouse in skyrim.

At first I thought this was pointless or dumb and wanted nothing to do with it. Then I though eh why not I’ll give it a shot. To do this I had to fund an amulet of mora and the priest of mora who can be found in the bee and the barb inn in Riften.

The way marriage works is that you must complete a quest for someone in order for them to consider you as a possible spouse. For instance for my wife, majl the lioness I had to complete a quest to retrieve her long lost sword grimsever. After completing that and speaking to her with my amulet on she agrees to marry me and the wedding is held the next day in the temple if more in Riften.

Once married there are a couple cool things. First you can tell your wife too move in with you or you can move into her house. Either way works and you can change this at any time. You do not loose your house or anything if you agree to move in with her.

Secondly if you wife or husband is a follower they can accompany you on any quest you would like. In the case of my wife she follows me wherever I please and I can trade gear with her. I also equipped her with dragon armor and a powerful ebony bow and deadric battle ax, all of which I smithed and enchanted for her, and no body can defeat the two of us together. She is a very able warrior and is funny to listen to in battle. She also can not die which makes the situation perfect.

Thirdly, if you share a bed with your wife and sleep together you get a blessing that will increase the rate that your skills level up by 15% faster for the next 8 hours. It is the equivalent of the lady guardian stone but does not replace the stone you already have.

Finally your “lover” opens up a store for you and her. She sells merchandise while she is at home or while she adventures with you and has some decent equipment and things to sell. Not only this, but you may ask her if the store has made any money and she will give you your share of the profits, which I believe is 100 good every 24 hours. She will also cook for you making a home made meal that fortifies health, magic, and stamina for a short time.

Basically having a spouse has been great and I have been able to do much more with her. Defeat harder dungeons, grow levels faster, carry more gear, have someone who has my back at all times, and even make a good bit of gold on the side. She is great and the game is a lot for fun with a wife so I suggest strongly that you all get a spouse, and yes you can be either heterosexual or homosexual.

Have fun everyone and let me know who you marry!



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